Coat: eBay. Jumper: Uniqlo. Knitted trousers: Zara. Trainers: Stan Smiths.

My first post of 2015, quite bad considering it's already halfway through February. I'm thinking about changing this space up a little. My style and interests have changed so much since I first started Simple Garb and I feel that it just doesn't reflect me anymore. I'm mainly thinking about changing up the content, there will still be outfits like usual but I'm thinking of adding some interior style posts too, we shall see. Either way, I will blog more.



Knitted jumper and pants: H&M Trend. Shoes: Primark.

Trying with all my might to be an Olsen. If only this two piece was from The Row and not H&M Trend. On another note it's finally the Christmas holidays! Can't quite believe the first term of second year is over already, before I know it I'll be in third year graduating. SO happy to go home for the holidays and watch elf on repeat for three weeks, now just that last essay to finish.



Coat: Zara. Jumper: Uniqlo. Trousers: H&M. Trainers: Adidas superstars.

Every winter I find myself searching for the perfect coat and I think I may have found it in this Zara one. It's basically like wearing a dressing gown outside and I'm all for that.



Jumper and cigarette pants: Zara. Bomber jacket: eBay. Trainers: Adidas superstars.

Hello remember me? Oh it's been a busy couple of months! You may notice that things are looking a little different, I've moved out and started uni again so this is my new setup. Not much has changed though, I'm still wearing all grey.



T-shirt and coat: H&M. Skirt: eBay. Trainers: Adidas superstars.

Bought this school skirt off of eBay a couple of months ago, funny thing is that four years ago I would of given anything not to wear school uniform but now I'm actively choosing too.



Jumper: Zara. Trousers: H&M. Trainers: Nike air max.

I'm back from holiday so in my mind it's now Autumn, okay maybe I'm getting just a little ahead of myself seeing as it's not even September yet but I've already shook the dust off my jumpers and coats. So here is my not so new, new bag. I bought it in New York about 2 years ago for my mum, I have absolutely no idea where I bought it from and seeing as she's never used it being the lovely daughter that I am, I politely took it off her hands. I think felt might just be my new favorite.